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Glazed Porcelain | Porcelanto Esmaltado | Porcellanato Smaltato 

Wall Tile  Floor Tile  Rectified  Frost Resistant  Moderate Variation  Brick Joint Not Recommended  All Residential Areas & Commercial Environments  

Cement, as this is a contemporary classic covering, designed in homage to the modern architecture that planned the Brazilian capital city. The Brasília line will inspire decoration on apparent concrete surfaces, as it was created by the great architect Niemeyer or inspired by him. This portrays a contemporary look on this material, as this was the starting point for reproducing it in large formats, as 20x120, 60x120.

Concreto Ceniza

60x120 cm | 24"x48 NAT

Concreto Graphite

60x120 cm | 24"x48 NAT