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Glazed Porcelain | Porcelanto Esmaltado | Porcellanato Smaltato 

Wall Tile  Floor Tile  Rectified  Frost Resistant  R10  Moderate Variation  Brick Joint Not Recommended  All Residential Areas & Commercial Environments  

Concreti?ssyma Matiz arose from a project of coloring concrete, an idea of the architect Ruy Ohtake – who also does this with mastery in his works. The new tones which vary in intensity as per the reaction of the cement, lime and oxygen of the water during the cure of the concrete have all the subtlety of an artistic work. They are pieces where the color is in the extent to give personality, but does not obscure any proposal of the project.

Portland Line Relevo

60x120 cm | 24"x48" NAT

Argento Line Relevo

60x120 cm | 24"x48" NAT