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Glazed Porcelain | Porcelanto Esmaltado | Porcellanato Smaltato 

Wall Tile  Floor Tile  Rectified  Frost Resistant  R10  Moderate Variation  Brick Joint Not Recommended  All Residential Areas & High Traffic Commercial Environments  

The reproduction of boards of Arauca?ria in an extremely light tone with shades of caramel 57 and coffee gave origin to the new Portobello wood. The pleasant relief of the manual work to transform the logs into planks is imprinted in the porcelain tile pieces. The result is an extremely rich and very subtle material, a true work of tailoring in wood. The board of 8”x48” is one of the options of this material, but the Arauca?ria Clara will also be offered in a kit with multiformat cuts – an innovation which assumes random formats, common in recovered natural wood, as a contemporary proposal.

Eucalipto Autoclavado Patina

20x120 cm | 8"x48" NAT

Peroba Envelhecida Castanho

20x120 cm | 8"x48" NAT

Canela De Demolicao

20x120 cm | 8"x48" NAT

Imbuia Clara

20x120 cm | 8"x48" NAT