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Glazed Porcelain | Porcelanto Esmaltado | Porcellanato Smaltato 

Wall Tile  Floor Tile  Rectified  Frost Resistant  R10  High Variation  Brick Joint Not Recommended  All Residential Areas & High Traffic Commercial Environments  

Steel enriched with copper and phosphorus, which increase corrosion resistance and gives the surface a reddish-colored layer of oxide. Inspired by the material widely used in the 30s in the U.S. railroad industry, when it received the trade name of Corten, the Steel line features Corten steel in 60x120cm porcelain for use in architecture and with more appropriate technical characteristics, since the rusted steel loses metal mass over time when exposed directly to the atmosphere. Corten steel is currently synonymous of bold and contemporary architecture, both for facades and volumes, as well as for interiors.

Steel Corten

60x120 cm | 24"x48" NAT