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The Company

When we introduce ourselves as the pioneers of imported ceramic tiles in India, it is probably an understatement.

With its base in Mumbai and a sprawling customer base all over the country, we at GRESCASA®, are proud to have developed a strong bond with our loyal and satisfied clientele which consists of renowned architects, interior designers, celebrities and builders who are known for their fine taste in life.

This has been possible solely because we understand the importance of ambience along with individual tastes, styles and requirements by giving #yourspace a customised outlook.

In today’s time and age where fashions change on the spur of the moment and making a style statement is a must for success, GRESCASA® boasts of a collection that will help you keep up with this pace.
These tiles that define class are imported from exotic countries like Italy, Spain, Brazil and Turkey that are connoisseurs of style and quintessence of quality.

As India has become a hub for ceramic manufacturing, we have incorporated an domestic department, in order to provide our clientele the best of both. Currently we have also commenced exports to Africa and working towards expanding further.

Our product range consists of ceramic and porcelain tiles suited for all terrains along with high end mosaics and sanitary ware.

This collection of personally handpicked products, the finest from around the World, is bound to floor your senses.